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Teaching Heritage

Board of Studies NSW

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Section markerWhat is Heritage?

How our views of heritage are changing.

Section markerHeritage Gallery

A Gallery of Heritage places - an index with thumbnail images of all the heritage sites referred to throughout this website.

Section markerHeritage Timeline

Australian Heritage Timelines - Chronologies in the classroom.

Section markerHeritage Oral History

Strategies for undertaking and using oral histories. Investigating family heritage.

Section markerHeritage Visual History

Interpreting the past in buildings and structures, photographs, maps and using other visual histories.

Section markerHeritage Site Investigations

Site investigations and using local records.

Section markerExploring Heritage Teaching Materials

4 teaching units and some suggestions for creating teaching and learning programs along with links to the NSW History and Geography syllabuses (NSW SC and HSC).

Subsection MarkerForming a Nation 1900-1918 Starting a new century
  • Focus area - Notions of Citizenship
  • Focus area - Changing Technologies
  • Focus area - Integrating Gender Perspectives
  • Focus area - Issues of Aboriginal Heritage
Subsection MarkerExpressing National Goals 1918-1945 Between the wars
  • Focus area - Innovation and Australia's Future
  • Focus area - Defence and Security
  • Focus area - Advancing Economically
  • Focus area - Integrating perspectives of Economic Groups
  • Focus area - Investigating Heritage and Popular Culture
Subsection MarkerBuilding Australian Identities 1945-1960's Post second world war
  • Focus area - Urban Expansion
  • Focus area - Revisiting Notions of Citizenship
  • Focus area - Voicing Rights and Freedoms
  • Focus area - Integrating Multicultural Perpsectives
Subsection MarkerReshaping cultural values 1970's-Now Greenbans and beyond
  • Focus area - Dialogues for Reconciliation
  • Focus area - Saving our Heritage
  • Focus area - Images of Continuing Cultures
  • Focus Area - Integrating Regional and Global Perspectives
  • Focus Area - Investigating Rural Heritage

Section markerUsing Heritage Databases

Recommended databases and search engines [external links]. Downloadable searches, activities and lessons are provided.

Section markerHeritage Round-table

History teachers, academics, heritage professionals, museum curators and historians answer questions about heritage. A selection of Audio files and transcripts are provided.

Section markerSite Downloads

A listing of all available downloads for this site including lessons and document extracts. Most are provided in Microsoft Word format.

Section markerSite Transcripts

A listing of quick links to all available transcripts for this site. Most are also provided in Microsoft Word format in the site downloads section.

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