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glossary for Mutawintji National Park

NSW Department of Education and Training Sites and Scenes 1999

Aboriginal site According to NPWS, "an Aboriginal site is any place which has the remains of prehistoric and historic occupation, or is of contemporary significance to the Aboriginal community."
Badger (William) Bates Long-term chairperson of the Mutawintji Local Aboriginal Land Council.
Barrier Naturalist Society Established in 1920 in Broken Hill, Barrier Naturalist Society was dedicated with the preservation of Aboriginal Art and the natural environment.
Corner country Semi-arid zone area where the three states of Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia meet.
Environmental Impact Assessment Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the process of assessing the environmental impacts of development proposals and finding ways to minimise environmental damage.
Euro Type of kangaroo, with a stocky build and thick covering of fur, which has adapted to the hilly environment of Mutawintji.
Local Aboriginal Land Council Local Aboriginal Land Councils were established pursuant to the Land Rights Act.
Mootwingee Mootwingee was the European spelling of Mutawintji.
Mutawintji Local Aboriginal Land Council Established in 1983, the Mutawintji Land Council is unique in Australia in that its membership is not based on residential criteria. In order to belong to the Mutawintji Land Council, you do not have to live locally.
National Parks and Wildlife Service Established in 1967 by the Commonwealth Government with a brief to protect and conserve the flora, fauna, and the natural wilderness.
Petroglyphs Engravings pecked out of sandstone surfaces.
Rockart Rockart is a term referring to rock carvings, etchings and paintings.
Wiimpatja Wiimpatja are Aboriginal people living within a wide regional area surrounding Mutawintji, who have cultural associations with Mutawintji National Park.
Yellow-footed rock-wallaby Endangered species of wallaby thought to be extinct. Colony rediscovered in the 1970s.

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