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Australian Labor Party Immigration Policy 1966

From: ALP Year Book (NSW branch) 1967

A Labor Government will support and uphold a vigorous and expanding immigration program, administered with sympathy, understanding and tolerance.

Our policy will be based on the need:-

  1. To strengthen and protect Australia's national and economic security;
  2. To safeguard the welfare and promote the integration of all its citizens;
  3. To preserve our democratic system and the balanced development of our nation; and
  4. To avoid the introduction into Australia of the difficult social and economic problems which will follow from an influx of people having different standards of living, traditions and customs.
  5. Australians are descended, to a predominant degree, from people from English, Scotch, Irish and Welsh origin. That predominance should not be disturbed.

The Labor party which formulated, inaugurated and built our great migration scheme, gives and always has given, a warm welcome to migrants from other lands. It remembers with pride and gratitude the contributions made over the past 178 years by people of Continental European origin, including those of German, Scandinavian, French, Italian, Dutch and Greek blood, and those who came from Lebanon and from Asia.

The Labor party is appreciative of what has been, and is being accomplished by the 500,000 British and Irish, post second world war migrants, and the 500,000 people from many countries in Europe who migrated here during the same period.

Labor believes that our policy of assimilation and absorption is the only sensible policy for Australia to pursue.

It is determined to continue to oppose, for many obvious reasons, any attempt to create a multi-racial society in our midst. We can and do absorb migrants from Asia as well as from Europe, and we shall continue to do so, but a policy that avoids the tragedies of Ceylon, Fiji, Indonesia and Singapore – to give but a few instances – is one to be supported. It must have the support of all Australians, young and old and whether born in this country or not, who are mindful of their heritage and the need to maintain and improve their living and social conditions.

Reproduced with permission of the Australian Labor Party.

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