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Aboriginal Permanent Conservation Order, July 1996

supplied by Gisele Mesnage

Aboriginal Permanent Conservation Order

On behalf of the Aboriginal Peoples throughout the lands now known as Australia, we proclaim this building, the site of the 1938 ‘Day of Mourning’ protest, protected by an Aboriginal Permanent Conservation Order. We urge all those concerned with a just reconciliation between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples of this nation to observe this Order.

We make this declaration in protest at the inaction of the State Government. The silence of the Minister for Urban Affairs and Planning, Craig Knowles, can only be taken as unwillingness to act in protection of this important heritage site.

We dedicate this building to the courage and determination of the ‘Day of Mourning’ protesters. Their coming together on this site, in the face of great personal risk and adversity, must be honoured as a landmark of Aboriginal history and an icon of the struggle for human rights, dignity and identity.

In memory of William Ferguson, Pearl Gibbs, Jack Patten, William Cooper and all the ‘Day of Mourning’ heroes.

July 1996

Footnotes not included in this excerpt.

Reproduced with permission of the author, Gisele Mesnage.

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