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major works of Harry Seidler

Historic Houses Trust of NSW Rose Seidler House Conservation Plan 1989

  • Consisted mainly of private houses during first five years of practice, 1949-54 (completed more than 100).
  • Planning scheme for the redevelopment of McMahon's Point, N.S.W. high density housing, 1957.
  • 11-storey block of 40 apartments at Ithaca Gardens, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, 1960.
  • CIBA Chemical Company administrative and warehouse building, Orion Road, Lane Cove, N.S.W., 1960.
  • 26-storey block of 168 apartments, "Blues Point Tower" at McMahon's Point, North Sydney, N.S.W., 1961.
  • 8-storey office and warehouse building at Harris Street, Ultimo, Sydney, 1961.
  • 19-storey office building, "Lend Lease House", Macquarie Street, Sydney, 1961.
  • 8-storey block of 28 apartments at 40 Victoria Street, Potts Point, Sydney, 1962.
  • 9-storey block of 40 apartments at Stephen Street, Paddington, Sydney, 1963.
  • 10-storey block of 60 apartments at Kimberley Street, Diamond Bay, N.S.W., 1963.
  • 10-storey block of 80 split-level apartments at 58 Roslyn Gardens, Rushcutter's Bay, Sydney, 1963-65.
  • 74 town houses and apartments for the National Capital Development Commision, Campbell, A.C.T., 1964.
  • 8-storey block of 74 split-level apartments at 85 Elizabeth Bay Road, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, 1965.
  • 7-storey block of 26 apartments at 29 Ocean Avenue, Double Bay, N.S.W., 1965-66.
  • 8-storey and 5-storey blocks of 44 split-level apartments at Edgecliff Road, Edgecliff, N.S.W., 1966-67.
  • Two 9-storey blocks of 225 pre-fabricated concrete apartments at Maloney Street, Rosebery, N.S.W. for the Housing Commission of New South Wales, 1964-67.
  • Australia Square, Sydney, urban redevelopment consisting of a 13-storey building and a 50-storey circular concrete office tower, open plazas, shopping arcades, restaurants, etc. (Structural Consultant, P.L. Nervi, Rome), 1961-67.
  • 2 hectares of steel space frame building for the N.S.W. Government Stores, Bourke Road, Alexandria, N.S.W., 1965-68.
  • 100 unit group housing for Fellows and Research Scholars of the Australian National University, Garran, A.C.T., 1967-68.
  • Finalist in limited competition for the Australian National Art Gallery, Canberra, 1968.
  • 8-storey and 2-storey terraced block of 65 apartments at 100 Elizabeth Bay Road, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, 1968-70.
  • 14-storey Condominium Apartments, Acapulco, Mexico, 1969-70.
  • Memorial to Martyrs, Rookwood, N.S.W., 1969.
  • Commonwealth Government Trade Group Offices for 3,000 employees, Kings Avenue, Barton, Canberra, A.C.T., 1970-74.
  • 8-storey terraced office development, 41 McLaren Street, North Sydney, 1971-72.
  • Mid City Centre project, 50-storey office tower and retail concourses between George and Pitt Streets, Sydney, 1971. Redesigned as shopping centre, 1979-82.
  • Conzinc Riotinto of Australia, 60-storey headquarters, office tower and commercial redevelopment, Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic., 1972.
  • Competition for High Court of Australia, Canberra, A.C.T., 1972.
  • 5-storey Office and Administration building for Harry Seidler & Associates, Milson's Point, N.S.W., 1971-73.
  • MLC Centre, 68-storey concrete office tower incorporating the new 1 100 seat Theatre Royal, pedestrian plazas, shopping arcades, restaurants, etc., Martin Place, Sydney, 1972-75. (structural consultant, P.L. Nervi, Rome).
  • 450 Apartment Housing Project, Bushey Park, Singapore, 1973.
  • Commonwealth Government Offices project for 3 000 employees, Tuggeranong, Canberra, A.C.T., 1973.
  • Tuggeranong District Heating and Cooling Station project, Canberra, A.C.T., 1975.
  • Fairfield Central Library, Cabramatta, N.S.W., 1974-76.
  • Torin Factory, Penrith, N.S.W. 1974-76 (in association with Marcel Breuer & Associates, New York).
  • Baranduda Town Centre, Albury-Wadonga, N.S.W.-Vic., 1976.
  • Australian Embassy, Quai Branly, Paris 15e, 1973-77 (consultants: Marcel Breuer, P.L. Nervi).
  • Municipal Council Offices, North Sydney, 1975-77.
  • 72 Home Unit Apartments, Broadbeach, Qld., 1978-79.
  • Theatre and Function Complex, Ringwood Civic Centre, Melbourne, Vic., 1978-80.
  • Parliament House, Canberra, Competition (prize winning project) 1979.
  • 55 unit Hillside Housing, Kooralbyn Queensland, 1980-82.
  • 8 Townhouses, Belconnen, A.C.T., 1979-80.
  • Weapons Workshop, Department of Defence, Garden Island, Sydney, 1980-85.
  • 20-storey Office and Apartment Building, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1980.
  • 23-storey Redevelopment of Hong Kong Hong Kong, 1980-84.
  • Hi-rise Commercial and Housing Urban Redevelopment (New World), Singapore, 1981.
  • 46-storey Office Building, Grosvenor Place, Rocks area, Sydney, 1982.
  • City of Waverley, Victoria, Civic Centre Development and New Municipal Office Complex, 1982-84.
  • 11 Townhouses, Yarralumla, A.C.T., 1982-84.
  • 33-storey Office Building, Plaza and Waterfront Development, Riverside Centre, Brisbane, 1984-86.
  • 350-room Hilton Hotel, Brisbane, 1983-86.
  • Frankston City, Victoria, Theatre/Cultural Centre, 1983.
  • 31-storey Office Building and Headquarters for Capita Financial Group Ltd., Sydney, 1985.
  • 50-storey "Landmark Tower" project, Mary Street, Brisbane, 1985.
  • Headquarters for Shell Co. of Australia, Spring Street, Melbourne, 1985.

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