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time lost due to actions of Richmond Main workers, 16.4.45

University of Newcastle Archives

J. & A. Brown & Abermain Seaham Collieries Limited Head Office: 4 O’Connell Street, Sydney

Richmond Main Colliery Via Pelaw Main, NSW 16th April, 1945.

The Superintendent of Collieries, J. & A. Brown & Abermain Seaham Collieries Limited, Hexham.

Dear Sir,


Date Reason
19.3.1942 One day’s production lost as a protest against serving of summonses on Clippers for strike on previous day
8.6.1942) 9.6.1942) Protest against Local Reference Board not handling claim for Wheeler’s pulling skips forward on flat to the satisfaction of Wheelers
8.7.1942 Protest against suspension of S. Bennett for breach of rules (overloading horse)
9.11.1942 Protest against suspension of 2 Miners for wilfully filling stone
2.12.1942 Protest against Reference Board reserving decision on J. Davis’s case
6.1.1943) 7.1.1943) Protest against Reference Board decision re Clipper working on 2 Flats, South East
9.3.1943) 10.3.1943) 11.3.1943) Protest against Judge Drake-Brockman’s interpretation of Award at Hebburn Colliery
16.3.1943 All mechanics went home when 2 were sent home for refusing to carry out instructions
18.3.1943 Afternoon shift returned home as protest against imprisonment of Clippers for non-payment of fines
24.4.1943) 25.4.1943) 26.4.1943) 29.4.1943) Protest against imprisonment of Clipper for refusing to pay fines
4.5.1943 Protest against disciplinary measure of docking daywage Wheelers, who ceased work early and were sent out of Colliery
18.5.1943 Protest against Lodge fines of £1 to two Wheelers for strike on 4/5/43
8.7.1943) 9.7.1943) Protest against conviction of Wheeler for breach of Rules (damaged lamp)
16.9.1943) 17.9.1943) Protest against suspension of three Clippers for disciplinary purposes
17.11.1943) 18.11.1943) 19.11.1943) Protest against Wheelers being served with summonses
23.11.1943) Protest against conviction of wheelers for prior stoppages
7.12.1943 Protest against garnishing of wages
13.3.1944 Protest against member being suspended due to not paying Lodge fines
27.4.1944) 28.4.1944) 29.4.1944) 30.4.1944) Protest against disciplinary action of Lodge against members concerned in stoppages
22.5.1944 Protest against Management dealing with three clippers for breach of Coal Mines Regulation Act
5.6.1944 Protest against Lodge taking disciplinary action against C.Bennett
12.7.1944) 13.7.1944) 14.7.1944) Protest against disciplinary action of the Lodge
18.7.1944) 19.7.1944) 20.7.1944) 21.7.1944) Protest against suspension of C.Bennet by Lodge as a disciplinary measure
15.8.1944) 16.8.1944) Protest against disciplinary action of Management towards Clippers and Top hands, who walked off jobs without permission
23.11.1944 Protest by clippers against two of their number being served with summonses

Yours faithfully,

Colliery Manager.

Reproduced with permission of the CFMEU, Mining and Energy Division.

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