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‘miners take the rap’

University of Newcastle Archives Common Cause 18.9.48

Taking The Rap

The boss blames me for everything–colonial revolts, Malaya, Burma, Germany combined; All his economic pickles fly his hammers and his sickles– Too much trouble leaves affection in the mind. Wishful thinking makes his stories: ''Tasmania for the tories"– How he hates to see his rotting system go, He would drink more power and pleasure from his bloody human measure And he runs amok when somebody says "No1" Do you hear him in the headlines- ''Unpatriotic You won't produce the coal that I desire; You are working in the sly as a 'foreign Powers' spy, To trample young Australia in the mire." Coal production has increased, but to hear him it has ceased. He screams of Acts of Anarchy and worse. Even makes new penal laws to destroy the Union's Cause, While be crams new bigger profits in his purse. Not a word of mining methods grown old and obsolete. Of dangers and disease met each day. Of Pin-pricking till 1 bleed for conditions that I need When my claims are being heard for higher pay. While his agents make the laws to destroy the Union's cause And the press repeats the slander and the gall– Oh, it's not their country's "loss'' but the payments from the boss That make the echoing pens and pencils crawl. Well, I'm telling him right now, with the coal dust on my brow I m a better man than all his lying pack– They may rave and they may shout till their tongues are hanging out To pass his trouble burden to my back, But myself I'd rather be with my conscience proud and free Than king or crook–there's nothing in a name– For when all is said and done all the coal that's hewed I won He merely robbed the profits from the game.',

– "Miner"

Reproduced with permission of the CFMEU, Mining and Energy Division.

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