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List of the Governors of New South Wales

Griffin, R. & Toy, A. et al, Government House Sydney 1997
The Governors of New South Wales

1788-1792 Captain (later Vice-Admiral) Arthur Phillip, RN
1795-1800 Captain John Hunter, RN
1800-1806 Captain Philip Gidley King, RN
1806-1808 Captain (later Vice-Admiral) William Bligh, RN
1810-1821 Colonel ( later Major-General) Lachlan Macquarie
1821-1825 Major-General Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane, Bart. KCB
1825-1831 Lieutenant-General (later Sir) Ralph Darling
1831-1837 Major-General Sir Richard Bourke, KCB
1838-1846 Sir George Gipps, Kt Bach.
1846-1855 Sir Charles Augustus FitzRoy, KCH, KCB
1855-1861 Sir William Thomas Denison, KCB
1861-1867 Sir John Young, Bart. PC, KCB, GCMG (later 1st Baron Lisgar)
1867-1872 Earl of Belmore (Sir Somerset Richard Lowry-Corry), PC Ireland, GCMG
1872-1879 Sir Hercules George Robert Robinson, GCMG (later Baron Rosmead)
1879-1885 Lord Augustus William Frederick Spencer Loftus, PC, GCB
1885-1890 Baron Carrington (Charles Robert Wynn-Carrington), PC, GCMG (later Marquess of Lincolnshire)
1891-1893 Earl of Jersey (Victor Albert George Child Villiers), PC, GCMG
1893-1895 Sir Robert William Duff, PC, GCMG
1895-1899 Viscount Hampden (Henry Robert Brand), GCMG
1899-1901 Earl Beauchamp (William Lygon), KCMG
1902-1909 Admiral Sir Harry Holdsworth Rawson, KCB
1909-1913 Baron Chelmsford (Frederic John Napier Thesiger), GCMG (later Viscount Chelmsford)
1913-1917 Sir Gerald Strickland, Count della Catena, KCMG
1918-1923 Sir Walter Edward Davidson, KCMG
1924-1930 Admiral Sir Dudley Rawson Stratford de Chair, KCB, MVO
1930-1935 Air Vice-Marshal Sir Philip Woolcott Game, GBE, KCB, DSO
1935-1936 Brigadier-General the Hon. Sir Alexander Gore Arkwright Hore-Ruthven, VC, GCMG, CB, DSO
  (later Lord Gowrie of Canberra and Dirleton)
1936-1936 Admiral Sir David Murray Anderson, KCB, KCMG, MVO
1937-1945 Baron Wakehurst (Captain the Rt. Hon. John de Vere Loder), KCMG
1946-1957 General Sir John Northcott, KCMG, KCVO, CB, KtStJ
1957-1965 Lieutenant-General Sir Eric Winslow Woodward, KCMG, CB, CBE, DSO
1966-1981 Sir Arthur Roden Cutler, VC, AK, KCMG, KCVO, CBE
1981-1989 Air Marshal Sir James Anthony Rowland, AC, KBE, DFC, AFC
1989-1990 Rear Admiral Sir David James Martin, KCMG, AO
1990-1996 Rear Admiral Peter Ross Sinclair, AC
1996- The Hon. Gordon Jacob Samuels, AC

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