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Teaching Heritage

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Investigations into a locality’s past can encourage an appreciation of its importance, and contribute to understandings about the heritage of other localities, regions or countries. This section uncovers the range of local resources, including government records, library and archival collections, and offers advice on accessing materials.

Paulene Dowd and John Bailey conduct a site study of Observatory Hill with Year 9 students from Penshurst Girls High School.

Carol Liston gives an account of The Female Orphan School at Parramatta – now the University of Western Sydney Nepean campus – and highlights the influence of place on the orphanage and those associated with it.

Go to the Heritage Round-table to hear Carol Liston discuss an approach to site investigations.

Investigating localities or places for evidence of change over time – and the possible explanations for change – is the focus of this section. Read about the heritage worker’s approach to investigating a site, the research sources providing historical information about sites, and the steps involved in conducting a site survey

Mark Anderson and Paul Ashton present an approach to conducting a site study in the history text ‘Focus on Australian History’.

Remo La Cava – Head Teacher Maths and School Archivist at Macarthur Girls High School – offers a host of ideas to generate interest in a school site.

Diana Hambly offers some starting points in uncovering the history of a locality: walking; using the ‘Sands’ Suburban Directory’; and examining subdivision posters.

Extract from the Australian Heritage Commission’s ‘Investigating Heritage’ outlining the approach taken by a heritage worker in studying the background to a site and undertaking a survey in the field.

Eric Eklund discusses ways to read the past in a streetscape and emphasises the importance of the social and political elements of a street’s history.

In an article for ‘Teaching History’, Christopher Keating discusses the local government records that can be used in investigating the local area.

Excerpts from Peter West’s article for ‘Teaching History’ identifying common faults with local histories and providing some suggestions for solving problems.

Excerpts from Brian McKeown’s article for ‘Teaching History’ based on his personal experience of writing a school history.

Suzanne Rutland’s case study of the Jewish school Moriah War Memorial College draws on several sources to record the heritage and history of the original school site.

Gisele Mesnage quotes from submissions, reports, letters and other documents in reviewing the Aboriginal History Committee campaign to secure heritage protection of Australian Hall.

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