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leaflet outlining the actions to take when a heritage place is threatened

‘11 Steps for Places Under Threat’, The National Trust of Australia (NSW)

11 Steps for Places Under Threat

1. Is the place significant?

If not – no further action

2. Determine whether the place is listed on any of the following:

  • Register of National Estate – Australian Heritage Commission
  • Subject to Conservation Instrument – Heritage Council of NSW
  • In REP Heritage Schedule – Department of Planning
  • In LEP Heritage Schedule – Local Government Authority
  • National Trust Register – The National Trust of Australia (NSW)
  • Other Listings (eg, Institute of Architects, Institute of Engineers, State Rail)

3. Inform National Trust Conservation Division staff ASAP:

If not on National Trust Register – mail/fax detailed information including
  • Detailed description of threatened item or place, including exact address
  • Summary of the situation (issues & concerns), steps already taken and results
  • Any historical information (contact Local Historical Society, local library records)
  • Current photographs and/or slides
  • Copies of any documentation – title deeds, site sketches, architectural drawings, historical photographs

4. Is the threat immediate?

  • Demolition in progress – apply to Heritage Council for Section 136 Order
  • Current threat – apply to Heritage Council for Section 130 Order

5. Is a Federal Government department or instrumentality involved?

If no – Australian Heritage Commission (AHC) has no statutory role

If yes – lobby/provide advice to AHC

6. Is item on your CounciI's Local Environmental Plan (LEP) Schedule?

If no – request Local Council to include the item on the LEP Schedule

If yes – lobby Councillors not to grant inappropriate development consent

7. Apply to Heritage Office for a Conservation Order:

The Heritage Council may recommend Orders on items of State Significance

8. Contact Owner:

  • Attempt to gain the owner's appreciation of your concerns
  • Owners can contact the Trust for advice on alternative, more sympathetic options

9. Write to local member of parliament/Minister:

Individual letters to local members can be very effective

10. Brief local press

11. Review – is the issue worth pursuing?

Reproduced with permission of the National Trust of Australia (NSW)


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