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The contents of this site are copyright © Board of Studies NSW 1999 - 2008

Schools and students may reproduce materials on this web site, either in part or in full, for bona fide study purposes, with suitable acknowledgement to the Board of Studies NSW, NSW Heritage Office and the NSW Department of Education and Training.

Please feel free to build links to this site. You should, however, contact the Copyright Officer for further information regarding any other uses of this material. In general, permission will not be granted for materials on this web site to be re-published elsewhere on the web.

Students may copy reasonable portions of materials for the purpose of research or study. Teachers may make multiple copies of sections of this site for classroom use under the provisions of the school's Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) licence.

Third party copyright materials (photos, diagrams, maps, quotes, cartoons, artworks etc) contained within this site are protected by Australian and international copyright laws. They may not be reproduced or transmitted in any format, other than for personal use, without specific permission from the owner. Unauthorised reproduction, duplication, transmission or commercial use of such copyright materials may result in prosecution.

Links are provided to external Internet sites. It is the responsibility of Internet users to make their own decisions about the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of information found therein.

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